Production stages

Production stages

Production stages


Branding Brief


Design and packaging


Label Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Shipment


We discuss with you your project, vision of the brand, target markets, price policy. Together we form the potential and evaluate the perspectives of idea.
Creation of specification.
We will help you to cover all required criteria and find creative solutions:
Formula: cream, lotion, gel, foam, original preparations… Sensory effects for unique products.
Cosmetic claim: moisturizing, rejuvenating, purifying, whitening, UV protection… Packaging: type of container and dispenser, design, size or your own packaging concept.
As soon as we define  the concept, we proceed to its creation. Our  R&D department develops unique formulas for your cosmetics lines or suggest something from existing samples library; also we will find USP and smells. With their help your cosmetics line will be exclusive and unlike any other. After that we will show you samples in different variations, which you can test. And only after your approving and successfully passing the stability tests we will proceed to the next stage.
Choosing of packaging. Regarding your requirements, we provide you big selection of various types of packaging for cosmetics
tubes, jars, bottles, airless system of all shapes, sizes and materials
all types of closure systems, caps, lids, dispensers and droppers
secondary packaging solutions: folding cartons, labels, inner boxes
Certification and regulation of products. We provide full package of documents for certification in other countries & certify products in legally authorized agencies Russia.
We work only with proven for years manufacturers.  We provide your company with unique labelling solutions to identify, promote and bring your brands to life.
Production planning taking into account all customer requirements, necessary requirements, regulatory residues and consumption forecasts based on planned sales.
Control of a constant quality level, proposals for the development of PL, improvement of consumer properties of products.
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